Getting Your BLS

Getting Your BLS certification online

Basic Life Support certification is necessary for medical and non- medical careers at entry level. The class is the most basic certification offered by the American Heart Association, Red Cross and AMA for emergency medical care. BLS is often required for sports coaches, lifeguards, caretakers of children and the sick and elderly. Taking the course is easy and it is offered by approved centers all over the US but to save time, you can just as easily get BLS certification online.

How to get your BLS certification online through the Internet?

Several private companies offer BLS or BLS CPR courses through the Internet. If you have to take the course for a job or a profession, we suggest you find a provider through your employer. They will usually have a list of approved providers and you can compare costs.

Most of these courses are usually tailor-made for particular needs. For example, basic BLS certification is designed for lay people like caretakers and support personnel like physician's assistants etc. These classes may not have contact classes where you can practice on a medical dummy. As a result, candidates are not expected to sit for a skills-assessment test. Written tests are mandatory but these courses will be held online. Candidates can also take as many retests as required to pass the final exam.

Apart from these courses, you can also try the American Heart Association to find special BLS for healthcare providers courses. These courses are divided into different levels for healthcare professionals and they will include contact classes for practice and testing. AHA courses also offer an electronic simulation program that healthcare professionals can use to assess patients and practice in virtual settings.

Please note that costs may vary considerably. We recommend you find an affordable course and find out what it offers. Online courses are the cheapest and the most convenient for working professionals. The course will also be anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 days long. After successfully completing the course and passing the written/ theory, the certification company will provide BLS literature for study, an instant Digital Provider card and a chance for BLS recertification at a discounted rate.

Please ensure that the course includes features like adult rescue breathing, adult CPR/ AED, child CPR, choking relief, infant CPR and bag-mask use.For additional information, get in touch with us through the online form.

Other Important Courses:

Other critical care courses that are often taken in collaboration with the BLS certification course are the ACLS certification course online and the PALS certification course online. They each contain very specific intricacies that the other lessons don’t include. Online ACLS certification stands for advanced cardiac life support. It defines drug administration for an adult that is suffering from heart attack, stroke, or breathing problems. ACLS online can help you learn signs and symptoms of a heart attack so you can act on a moments notice. ACLS certification is usually only taken by those that work at hospitals or are involved in patient transport. However, ACLS online is a great option for an average person to learn techniques that could help them save someone. PALS certification is designed for the younger and infant population. It helps to protect the most vulnerable in our society. When a serious event takes place with an infant quick action must be taken. Having PALS certification training will allow you to know what steps to take when caring for a little one at a moments notice.